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Below is a 2K account that I have been trading with a winning trading system..

My friend and software whiz Reza M. has helped turn the system into an easy to use trade alert software..

Yes, you can get results like these.. when you experience the power of PipSpring Trade Alert Software..

“Works on Small and Big Accounts too..

PipSpring is an Amazing Trade Alert Software: When Placed in a Currency Pair Chart, It Scans for Forming Trends and Identifies the Most Profitable Trade Opportunities to Generate Winning Trade Signals.

“It Works on any Time Frame and is therefore Suitable to Scalpers and Day Traders alike..

  • Entry, Exit rules

    With PipSpring Algorithm based on 5 Custom Indicators. a volume indicator, a trend indicator, a momentum indicator and price average indicator.. the other 2 are standard Metatrader Indicators. This only means that a trade signal has not just double but triple confirmation. Meaning Pipspring has the most precise Entry and Exit signals.

  • Money Management

    If you have been a trader for any length of time you understand the need for money management rules.  An average system with good money management rules can be a super profitable system. After numerous testing we found the best settings for PipSpring is Take Profit/Stop Loss=3/1

  • Risk Management

    We safeguard your trading account by fixing a ‘lot size’ relative to your trading account. You don’t want a scenario where all your accumulated profits are wiped out by one trade. Our recommended RM is, for each 1000$ max 0.05 lot per position

259 Pips on Just One Pair on H1 Time Frame

Watch this Live statement of how PipSpring Trading System turned a $2k account to over $5K in slightly under 3 Months

PipSpring in Action on IntraDay Time Frame H1 – USDJPY

Instant Pop Alerts! For the Best Trade Opportunities..

PipSpring  for Scalpers, 12 Pips on a 1 Min Time Frame

PipSpring for Swing Traders in Action on H4 Time Frame

Frequently asked questions

Is PipSpring a Robot or a Custom Indicator? +

PipSpring is a Trade Alert Software that has 3 custom Indicators . The 3 custom indicators work in an algorithm to filter quality trades. However, we’ve made it easy and all you need is to load a Template and a signal will be generated

What is the Best Time Frame? +

Our Strategy on PipSpring best works on M30,H1 & H4, We are confident on these time frames the StopLoss and TakeProfit can be hit automatically and you’ll be very profitable in the long run..

However, you can use M5 & M15 but you need to closely monitor your trades..

Which are The best Pairs to Trade with PipSpring? +

PipSpring works with ANY currency pair but TP/SL will only be given on the following pairs:

Does PipSpring Repaint? +

PipSpring Does NOT Repaint. One of the custom Indicators making Pipspring is based on price average. So the software does not change positions on forward or backtest. So no false signals!

How much money can I make with this? +

The amount you make depends on : your  trading capital, the lot size per trade and the frequency of trading. Also the number of pairs you trade in a session

Are there any other investments I must make? +

For PipSpring to work you need to have a Metatrader account loaded with trading capital via your choice broker. If you have a functional trading account, no further costs related to using PipSpring Trade Alert Software other than the initial one-off purchase of PipSpring

Which Brokers are Supported by PipSpring? +

PipSpring works with any broker that offers Metatrader as a platform

Does PipSpring support Renko Charts? +

Good News! We now have a Version that works with PipSpring. See PipSpring RENKO below

Can I Trade during major Economic Announcements? +

We recommend that you do not trade 30 minutes before/after a major economic news announcement like the Non Farm Payroll (NFP)

What is the System Win rate? +

the win rate of a system is only useful if you keep the following constant: uniform TP/SL on every trade and the same  lot size on every trade.

PipSpring has TP/SL of 3/1 .. this means if you win 25% of the time you’ll break even.. and if you win 30% of the time.. you have covered your broker fees and are in profit..

PipSpring has different win rate depending on time frame: m5 – m15 has between 45% – 65% win rate,  m30 – 1H up to 75% win rate .. H4 has not reported any loss so far

Disclaimer: past performance does not guarantee future performance

The Evolution of PipSping Trade Alert Software

Thanks for checking out PipSpring Trade Alert Software..

We have been meaning to close this page and we do some important updates regarding the new PipSpring line of products that we have added in the last couple of months.. but due to demand from subscribers who have been following the PipSpring updates we have made this page open so that they can continue to make purchases as we work on an updated “sales page”.

On December 16, 2013 we launched PipSring based on a strategy that we had tested for over 6 months, 3 months of which were on  a live account..

The statement shown at the top of this page shows that we turned a 2K account to over 5K in less than three months.. What most people don’t notice is that the statement shows a win rate of under 37% and yet were able to more than double the account on a period of  less than 3 months.

The beauty of PipSpring is its ability to show strength in a supposed weakness. With Stop Loss, Take Profit ratio (TP/SL = 3/1) means if you trade consistently on one pair and one time frame.. for every 4 trades you take.. if you win 1 and lose 3 you break even (that’s 25% win rate). If you win at 30% then you’ll have covered your brokers fees and are already in profit.

Version 1.1 – After a month  of introducing PipSpring we optimized the strategy and removed one of the indicators (MACD) and this got us a minimum of  45% win rate especially on the smaller time frames. The win rate usually increases on Higher Time frames as more bad trades are filtered.

Version 1.2 -  we fixed bugs for 5 digit brokers and also made it compatible with build 500+

Version 1.3 – We introduced a Trade Manager Helper EA where you could open a trade by one click and do so much more

Version 1.4 (current version) – Strategy optimization and made compatible with Build 600+

It’s important to note that all this has happened in under 3 months and all updates made free to existing customers. This also proves that we are committed to improving the software you buy from us so that you can continue to benefit and make good use of it.


Welcome feedback from our users..

A number of traders requested that we make a PipSpring Version compatible with Renko (price based charts) and we did exactly that.. Now we have PipSpring Renko.

PipSpring 100% Robot – Some of our customers would leave the manual (Renko or Standard) on the charts when they go to sleep and in the morning they would notice how they have missed out on monster trades. On request we made a 100% automated version of PipSpring Standard and PipSpring Renko that traders can use to take trades when they are away and they can manage the trades later on when they get on their trading work station.

IMPORTANT: Whereas many customers are tempted to run the  Robot on 100% Automation for 24/5. Please note you must remember to turn off the Robot during 30 min before or after major economic news announcement like the NFP.

PipSpring Ver 1.5 (Active Version)

=> The best time frame is H1 (60 minutes)

=> The SL/ TP will be determined automatically.. and we
strongly recommend that you adopt the default settings

=> For Money Management – We have set the Lot size to increase
relative to your account size and the amount of money available to trade

=> Risk Management – we have set a default risk of 5.. This means that
if your deposit is $1000 and Risk is set to 5, then the starting lot size
will be 0.05 lot (the minimum lot size = 0.01 and Maximum Lot size = 5.0)

=> EXIT RULES – We have adopted the smartest exit strategy possible..
i)Take Profit – the take profit is set by Average True Range
Indicator with a Trailing function
ii)Reverse Signal – The exit will occur when there is a reverse
signal generated
iii) 24hr rule – If trade cant hit TakeProfit within 24 hours,
it will close order if balance will be positive, If not it will
wait for a reverse signal

Here is what makes a good system:
1. Good Money Management Rules
2. Good Risk Management Rules
3. Good Entry Rules
4. Good Exit Rules
5. Good Support from Developer/ Vendor

Friend, today we introduce to you the final version of PipSpring and
it’s based on the 5 pillars described above.

IMPORTANT: You don’t need to remember any of the settings above,
It’s all done for you.. just plug n play, our intelligent software will now
get the best settings for you going forward.

We have bundled the products as follows:

  1. PipSpring Standard = $147

  2. [PipSpring Standard + PipSpring Renko] = $197

  3. {(PipSpring Standard Manual + PipSpring Renko Manual) + (PipSpring Standard Robot + PipSpring Renko Robot)}  = $397 (ultimate package)

NB: If you’d like one product and not the other, go for the Ultimate package at $397 and only use the system you prefer

Product 1 of 3: PipSpring Ver 1.4 – Standard Version

  • Has a Trade Manager EA
  • Automatically adjust lot size in relation to your account trade size
  • Perform back tests, whenever you want to adopt new strategies for PipSpring
  • Move profit targets when the trade opportunity allows
  • Open trades by One-Click: with Entry price, Stop Loss and Take Profit automatically set for you
  • Set up trailing stops
  • All other Pairs in Beta – ver 1.4 works with all pairs including Gold.. but we need to run more tests
  • Preferred Time Frames: M5 – H4
  • All other time frames in Beta: M1, D1 and weekly – you can test on your own too

PipSpring Trade Manager EA

OPTION (1 of 3) : PipSpring Standard Manual System ONLY

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$48 Off Coupon Expires in:

Product 2 of 3: PipSpring RENKO + PipSpring Standard

  • Renko  Charts  are purely based on Price charting . No  volume or time is considered in the charts.
  • The main advantage of a Renko Chart is that it Filters the Noise and you’re able to see clearly a forming trend, a collapsing Trend or support and resistance
  • A Renko Chart  therefore  Eliminates False Signals
  • PipSpring Renko has all the features of PipSpring Standard Ver 1.4
  • The Only Diffference is that PipSpring Renko Uses Price Based Charts While PipSpring Standard Ver 1.4 uses ordinary charts based on time, volume and price
  • PipSpring Renko However is arguably more water tight in filtering out False Signals than PipSpring Standard Ver 1.4
  • PipSring Renko Works with ALL Pairs and we have extensively tested it on Gold and has gotten some pretty decent winners
  • With much noise filtered you can capture monster trades with PipSpring Renko

PipSpring Trade Manager EA

OPTION (2 of 3): PipSpring Standard RENKO Manual ONLY

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$48 Off Coupon Expires in:

Product 3 of 3: PipSpring ULTIMATE (2 Manuals + 2 Robots)

  • Renko  Charts  are purely based on Price charting . No  volume or time is considered in the charts.
  • The main advantage of a Renko Chart is that it Filters the Noise and you’re able to see clearly a forming trend, a collapsing Trend or support and resistance
  • A Renko Chart  therefore  Eliminates False Signals

Get {(Standard & Renko Manual) + (Standard & Renko Robot)}

  • Free Software Updates and Bonuses for 1 FULL Year..
  • 24/7 Fulltime Support on Email, Skype, Ticket and TeamViewer
  • LIFETIME License to PipSpring Trade Alert Software

OPTION (3 of 3): (PipSpring Standard & Renko Manual) (PipSpring Standard & Renko ROBOTS)

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$48 Off Coupon Expires in:

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