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Gain Wave Technologies Trading as ArithmeticTrading® is a leading financial trading software company in forex and futures markets.

We have designed trading systems for the last couple of years that are in use by institutions and retail traders alike.

Ever wondered if there is ONE trading system that is truly profitable season after season? The truth is, such a system does not exist.

There are as many successful strategies and systems as there are traders, and here is why:

Each trader as a person is unique they have their own personal challenges, goals, plans, emotions, risk appetite and so on.  It would therefore be foolhardy to think that one can design a one size fits all strategy that will be successful with every trader out there

For example: A fellow trader has a strategy that has 130% Return on Investment annually but the same strategy she uses has a drawdown of 80%.

For 130% ROI its a decent doubling system annually and this would make sense if you have a $100,000 trading account but what if:

  1. You have a $1,000 trading account, can you sit 5 to 6 hours a day trading only to make $1,300 in a year profit? 1.3K is not even the annual per capita of 3rd world economy countries.
  2. Can everyone bear the risk of 80% Draw down? This means that you could potentially lose 80% of your capital at some point so you can potentially make 130% at the end of the year. Can you stomach that? Of course majority wouldn't

I hope you get the picture by now: "There is therefore no Single Profitable System that can be a one size fit's all for all traders". And even so, each trader needs to adopt their trading strategy to new circumstances in their lives and more so when there are significant changes that affect the markets to the core!


Turn the Tides of Forex Profits in Your Favor, Get a Trading System that Suits Your Personality and Your Current Life Circumstances…

It's the high time you address your trading strategy needs by understanding yourself first.

What are your goals? What available capital do you have? What time of day can you dedicate to trade?

When you say you are a scalper, or a trend trader, or a swing trader and so on.. What informs your preferences?

It's the high time you traded with a strategy that suits your current situation and personality and all other variables that affect trading.

What If You Had the Liberty to Choose Between Systems to Match Your Current Situation for Maximum Forex Profits Just  Like Every Successful Trader?

Whereas there are varied reasons why traders trade. There are two common goals why people engage in financial trading. You are either Trading for Income or Trading for Capital Growth.

If you make 10% returns on a 1K account.. that's a $100 in profit and if you make 10% returns on a $100K account then that's a decent $10K in profit. Therefore the trader with a $1K can trade for capital growth and the one with $100k can trade for income as an immediate goal.

Trading is a Journey.. Tact and Strategy will change on the way and you need the tools to adjust at each level and this means that you need more than One System or Strategy.

Good systems are however not available for Free and the budget to acquire them can be astronomical.  That's why am helping you overcome those constraints so you can have the perfect system that you can adapt for your personality:

  • Be able to trade in Ranging markets when the pairs are indecisive
  • Understand forming an collapsing trends and profit each time
  • Trade as often as an opportunity appears or Trade once in a long time
  • Increase Signals Accuracy by Eliminating Noise by trading with price only charts (Renko)
  • Match the perfect strategy with a given condition for maximum profit

Arithmetic Trading and our partners have worked on and tested more that 300 systems for institutions and retail traders.

We have Seven of our Best RATED system by traders  and we are making them available to our Loyal Subscribers.

Now it’s your turn to get results…


The Seven Sisters: Reliable and Profitable Forex Systems

Forex Seven Sisters is the definitive answer you’ve been looking for. These UNIQUE systems that we have crafted and tested to trade the markets are Laser Accurate, insightful and fabulous and are proven to work like magic.

When you get your hands on this package, you’ll be delighted to discover how easy and profitable trading forex can be.

Way so many traders lack the confidence to admit they are traders.. because they have no consistent trading income to show for it. Today, your journey to a decent forex trading income starts now!

Trade with Confidence!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you get when you order right now:

  • Daily Forex System (DFS) - Daily TF on 10 Pairs (Manual)
  • Intraday Profit Machine (IPM) - M15, H1 on 6 Pairs (Manual)
  • Forex Neural Trader (FNP) - H1, H4, D1 on 8 Pairs (Manual)
  • Forex Profit Loader (FPL) - (M1-M5-M15), (M30-H1-H4) on 4 pairs + GOLD (Manual)
  • PipSpring Renko - 100% Price Action (Manual+Robot)
  • Forex Trend Navigator (FTN) - Any TimeFrame on All Pairs + Gold and Silver (Manual)
  • Versatile Forex Profits (VFP) - H1 on 9 Pairs (Manual+Robot)

What Traders Say:


I just wanted to let you know that I now have the EA working. I've placed it on H1 as recommended. It has taken a few trades. Majority are wins. Looking good so far.. But too soon to tell..."

Laurence R..
California US.

"Thank you for helping me out with installation on teamviewer the EA now is taking trades. You guys are doing a great Job"

Larry P
Knoxville , US

If One of the Seven Systems Works So Well For Them, Imagine What It Can Do For YOU, When You have All Seven!

It's the high time you start trading with a system that suits your personality and personal circumstances..

If you have a day Job.. you may want to trade with a system where you place trades in the morning for 5 minutes and close them after work.

If you are a full time trader.. a scalping system may be appropriate for you so you can take and close trades within the day.. for a daily income.

If you have a small capital you may want a system that has minimal gains and very little risk per trade.. so you can gradually grow your capital without risking your initial deposit

If you have a fairly large capital you may want to trade with a system that has consistent returns on a monthly basis so you can plan your income properly. For example a system that gives 10% per month on a 100K account results to 10K profit monthly which is a decent income

Money Management - whether you are a novice trader or an experienced one.. risk and money management are the core of any successful strategy. All of the 7 systems have inbuilt money management system to protect your capital and ensure consistent piling up of profits.

No matter the kind of trader you are you'll find a system that suits your needs and goals:

  • Eliminate Buyer Remorse

    Sometimes as a trader you may buy one system only to realize. now matter how good they claim it to be.. its not a perfect match for you.  Then you find another system that you might like so you have to spend more money. With the Seven Sisters’ package you have the power to choose between good systems at NO Extra Cost.

  • More Discovery with Adventure

    Just like with life.. You may not know what truly interests you unless you adventure and settle on what you truly love. The same with forex trading. Don’t flog yourself trying to make one system work for you. Try a variety of good proven systems and this way you can understand yourself more better as a trader. This is possible with the Seven Sisters Package.

  • Trade in Any Market Conditions

    Whether trend are forming or collapsing, Or maybe the market is indecisive with ranging charts. Or could be Whipsaw swings and so on.. There will always be a system to trade with when you have the 7 sisters elite package

  • Grow Capital Or Get Income

    For example if your account is $250 and you make 10% gain your profit is $25. however the same strategy and % gain in a 10K account results to $1k profit.

    If you have a small account then your goal is to grow capital and with a larger account your goal is income. Get the perfect system for small accounts and when you grow your capital adapt a new system for Income.

  • Test NEW technology at Zero Cost

    Have you ever thought of trading charts where volume and time are irrelevant. Only Price movement matters. This is called Renko Charting. Before you spend more money with renko systems.. Seven Sisters Package has a fully developed Renko system. If you find Renko is for you or not there is still other systems to trade with.

  • Be a Proud Trader

    So today you are delighted to double your account and all your friends and family must know about it.. a month and a half later you lose it all, sadly.

    How about making average consistent gains.. and be a trader today and 14 months after.

    Trade for the average but when the ‘home run’ comes we take it.

More Delighted Traders with One or More of the Seven Sisters Systems

Thank you for your help on how to generate offline renko charts.. It's Now Working. Awesome!

Judy D
Adelaide, AUS

I have company that I run and only trade when I can get sometime. I have taken 16 trades with the manual and all end up in profit. The software paid for itself on the first day. I wish I could trade more often with your software..

Zoran S
- Brisbane, AUS

I thought it would be a good idea to let you know how the EA performed this week. I got a 3% return which is quite good. I set up a demo account as well with the Renko EA. I just loaded it onto some charts and it started trading straight away. Let me thank you for making such a great EA, one that actually looks like it's gonna work!

Nick V
Forex Forum

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside the SEVEN Sisters' Package…

Intraday Profit Machine (IPM) - Trade Alert Software (Manual)


Time Frame: Hourly (H1)

Indicators: Stochastic, RSI, moving average and Bollinger bands and custom algorithms

Take Profit / Stop Loss: Uses ATR (Average True Range) for dynamic TP/SL

Lot Size: For $1,000 account lot = 0.01

System Expectancy: 42% Monthly Return on Investment

Maximum Draw Down: 13%

 Comment: Whereas IPM is optimized for H1 time frame, a number of Traders have tested it on Minute5 and M15 time frames with equally decent results.

Official Website: http://intradayprofitmachine.com/download

Daily Forex System (DFS) - Trade Alert Software (Manual)

Period Running: January 2012 to Date


Time Frame: Daily (D1)Indicators: RSI (Relative Strength Indicator) - One of the principal momentum indicators

Take Profit / Stop Loss: Uses ATR (Average True Range) dependent on market conditions


Official Website: http://dailyforexsystem.com/daily-forex-system/

Forex Neural Profits (FNP) - Trade Alert Software (Manual)

Strategy: Swing/Trend

Indicators: Moving Average Convergence Divergence, Relative Strength Index, Moving Average & Stochastic Oscillator

Recommended Time Frame: H1, H4, D1


Methodology: MACD finds direction of the market, Two MA's find Major Trends, Stochastic Identifies High momentum trends and RSI filters false signals. Finally the trade recommendations pass through a Self -Training Genetic Algorithm through given maths Calculations, Culminating to HIGH Profit Potential Trades!

Trade Exit:

1- Reverse Signals - an open trade will open if a signal in the opposite direction is generated

2- StopLoss/TakeProfit SL/TP - SL/TP is calculated by Average True Range

TakeProfit  to StopLoss Ratio = 1.5/1  (e.g. TP15/SL10)


Proof: 8 months Statement

Losses - 94

Wins - 200

Total - 294

Win Rate =  68%

Return On Investment:  388.37% ROI


Official Website: http://arithmetictrading.com/forex-neural-profits/

Forex Profit Loader (FPL) - Trader Alert Software (Manual)

Strategy: All Season (Scalping, Intraday, trend and Swing)

Indicators: Commodity Channel Index – CCI, Relative Strength Index – RSI, Parabolic SAR (Parabolic Stop and Reverse)

Recommended Time Frame: For Scalpers, lower TF (M1-M5-M15) For Trend traders, (M30-H1-H4)

Recommended Pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF (and all other pairs too..). You Can also Trade XAU/USD (Gold spot) .

Methodology: This Software works on trending, Collapsing or Ranging markets. FPL Unique FORMULA and Complex Match Calculations makes it adaptable to any Market conditions and Identify Trades that you can get in and out in Minutes or those that take a couple of hours to get the maximum profits in a given trade opportunity.


Trade Exit:

1- Reverse Signals - an open trade will open if a signal in the opposite direction is generated

2- StopLoss/TakeProfit SL/TP - SL/TP is calculated by Average True Range


Deposit:     $1,000.00

Profit:     $1,907.39

Balance:     $2,907.39

Period: 6 months


Official Page: http://arithmetictrading.com/forex-profit-loader/


Pipspring (Manual + Robot) (Normal Chat + RENKO Charts)

Strategy:  Price Action and Trend

Indicators: based on 5 Custom Indicators. a volume indicator, a trend indicator, a momentum indicator and price average indicator.. the other 2 are standard Metatrader Indicators

Recommended Time Frame: Works on M5 – H4 Time Frames with H1 giving the best results in wins and profitability.

Recommended Pairs: Works on ALL Pairs with preferred Pairs being: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY

Methodology: Uses Price Action on Renko based offline charts and Trades Trends on Normal time based charts

Trade Exit:

  • Take Profit – the take profit is set by Average True Range Indicator with a Trailing function
  • Reverse Signal – The open trades will close when there is a reverse signal generated
  • 24hr rule – If trade can’t hit TakeProfit within 24 hours, it will close the order if the balance is positive, If the open position is not past break

Proof: Trading Gold:100% Winrate on H1 TimeFrame FOUR Months Consecutively..


Official Website: http://arithmetictrading.com/pipspring-trading-software/


Versatile Forex Profits (VSP) - Manual + Robot

Everyday I interact with traders, and its interesting to note how different traders have their own aspirations as to why they engage in trading the markets.

One common interest among all traders though: Is that they want to trade the markets with a guaranteed income/ profits at least weekly if not daily.

While trying to decipher the various software that we've put out there to retail traders and to financial trading institutions one system came to mind:

We used to call it CCIMath based on a project description for a client.

Months later we met with the client after using the software in their company and I asked them how the software was fairing and he had one word: VERSATILE " that the Software was able to adapt or be adapted to many different forex market conditions and make profits each time.

Nothings makes me more happy than to see a successful trader, where I played a role in their success..

Today, is your chance to be a proud owner of a proven forex system that will squeeze every penny for you.. from the markets: Versatile Forex Profits


Official Page: http://arithmetictrading.com/versatile-forex-profits/

Forex Trend Navigator

Strategy: Trend

Indicators: Moving Average (MA) and Parabolic Stop and Reverse (Parabolic SAR)

Recommended Time Frame: Works on ANY Timeframe

Recommended Pairs: All Pairs Gold and Silver

Methodology: A carefully crafted mathematical algorithm that works according to fast and slow moving average and horned to perfection by parabolic stop and reverse to create a highly super profitable trend following trading system.

Trade Exit: Hard Stop Loss and Take Profit

Proof: 54% Win minimum rate (despite pair or time frame chosen)


Official Page: http://arithmetictrading.com/forex-trend-navigator/

And That’s Not All, Because…

If You Purchase Seven Sisters Elite Traders Package TODAY, You Get The Following Bonuses 100% FREE!

Journaling for Traders

Master Report, "Journaling for Traders" you'll learn, SPECIFICALLY…

  • The Basics of Journaling (It's easy, an actually can be fun!)
  • Why Journal? (The truth on why successful traders journal, and struggling traders don't)
  • Beginning Journaling (How to get started simply and immediately.)
  • What To Journal (Through training thousands of traders, we found some things are important to journaling, some are not.)
  • How to Journal Your Trades (How to record your trades; should you use a paper journal or an electronic spreadsheet?)
  • How to Journal Your Emotions (This, my friend, winds up being the REAL KEY to your journaling success.  Being honest with your emotions will be your quantum leap to solid trading discipline, leading to consistent trading success.)
  • How To UTILIZE The Data You Are Journaling (Here's where the POWER of the journaling process lies).

TAMING RISK - A Trader's Guide

in just minutes from now, you’ll discover:

  • How to employ professional money and risk management in your trading plan, so you can STEER CLEAR of the “big losing trade.”
  • How to know exactly when to take profits and even losses.
  • How to employ powerful risk reduction strategies using equities, options, currencies, and more –strategies you can actually apply without having a Ph.D. in mathematics.
  • Something you won’t see anywhere else . . . how to employ specific actions you can take to reduce your trading risk . . . tips right out of “The Disciplined Trader” Mastery Kit that have nothing to do with the actual buying and selling, and EVERYTHING to do with your consistent success as a trader.

Ultimate Trading Systems 2.0

Inside this amazing manual, here's just a few things you'll discover:

  • How to quickly and easily get started trading profitability.
  • 3 critical components all profitable trading systems must have.
  • The secret to mastering your discipline, confidence and psychology.
  • How to best enter and exit your trades.
  • What tools the professional traders use.
  • How to prove your trading systems works, before you trade it.
  • How to maximize your profits and minimize your loses.
  • How to trade part time but make full time profits.

In short, you're going to learn how to consistently make more money trading.

So How Much You Have To Invest To

Get Seven Sisters Forex Traders Elite Package?

The true value of the complete package you’re getting today [Seven Sisters Elite Forex Traders Package + mind-blowing bonuses] is worth well over $1,079.

  • Daily Forex System (DFS) - $97
  • Intraday Profit Machine (IPM) - $97
  • Forex Neural Trader (FNP) - $147
  • Forex Profit Loader (FPL) - $97
  • PipSpring Renko - $397
  • Forex Trend Navigator (FTN) -$97
  • Versatile Forex Profits (VFP) - $147

Total $1,079

And let’s be honest: at that price this is an absolute bargain for such Forex Elite Systems .

However, you don’t have to pay that amount of money to enjoy the endless benefits of The Seven Sisters Elite Trader's Package. Instead, all you have to pay is $1,079, $479, $179.

YES!  The price for this Package which is an Absolute Bargain is $179 ONLY to access

  1. Full Lifetime License for Each Software
  2.  Minimum of One Year FREE Support from the day of purchase
  3. Lifetime License Use on 3 computers (Laptop, At Work and At Home)
money back logo

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing: 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

I’m so positive this will work for you that I’m willing to offer you… In the event we are unable to make available all the Seven Products as described in the Package within a reasonable time or you are unable to utilize the License on each software to a maximum of 3 computers, you are entitled to our 60-day, no-hassle money-back guarantee. Your account will be credited promptly.

Sign Up Now To Lock In The Lowest Price…

Not $179 but $79.00 Now!

Yes Arithmetic Trading Team, I’d like INSTANT access to your Seven Sisters Forex Mega Package!

I understand that after Purchase I'll Get Instant Access to the Seven Trading Systems, Lifetime License, and ability to use respect system or strategy on a  maximum of Three Computers. The Following that the Software am Signing Up for:

  • Daily Forex System (DFS) - Daily TF on 10 Pairs (Manual)
  • Intraday Profit Machine (IPM) - M15, H1 on 6 Pairs (Manual)
  • Forex Neural Trader (FNP) - H1, H4, D1 on 8 Pairs (Manual)
  • Forex Profit Loader (FPL) - (M1-M5-M15), (M30-H1-H4) on 4 pairs + GOLD (Manual)
  • PipSpring Renko - 100% Price Action (Manual+Robot)
  • Interdum et malesuada fames acForex Trend Navigator (FTN) - Any TimeFrame on All Pairs + Gold and Silver (Manual) ante ipsum primis in faucibus
  • Versatile Forex Profits (VFP) - H1 on 9 Pairs (Manual+Robot)

I realized that I’m protected by a 100% money-back guarantee in the event am unable to use the software license as advertised.

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500 Signals, Complete Forex Signals, Arithmetic Trading, DFS, IPM and Pipspring Team

P.S. – Practice makes perfect. keep working, keep testing new stuff.. the knowledge you gain is irreplaceable. The beauty of forex is DEMO accounts, you may try new strategies without risking real amounts.  Eventually its not about the "perfect strategy" but the person you become as a trader..  a good trader can make fortunes with an average system.. but an emotional trader with great system equals..... well, you give me the answer..

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