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SUBJECT: *NEW* 269.65% ROI in 3 months Trade Alert Software
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SUBJECT: The Best FOREX Trading System I’ve EVER Seen
Hey [[name]], In the last couple of Months, I have been testing one of the most sought after trading systems in our industry today => Check it out Here Two traders who are mad about maths, physics and software programming have designed one of the best trading solution that works on meta trader normal charts and renko offline charts The software can be used to generate trade alerts or you can as well turn it on 100% automation working 24/5 a week => This is truly revolutionary – Get a copy here What I like about this system, is its consistent profitability based on 5 pillars that make a superb system:
  1. Good Money Management Rules
  2. Good Risk Management Rules
  3. Good Entry Rules
  4. Good Exit Rules
  5. Good Support from Developer/ Vendor
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SUBJECT: Finally, A Super Profitable Forex Trading System that Works!
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SUBJECT: New Forex System Guarantees Profits (seriously)
Dear [[name]], If you have been a trader for any lenght of must have seen some of those systems that make profits in the first 2 weeks and then become losing pieces of junk in the long run.. Well, that’s NOT the case with PipSpring Forex Software Suit.. With over 2500 documented trades.. they have shown that you can trade forex for a reliable income.. month to month => See for yourself – Watch this video This software is easy to deploy on your metatrader and just by running it on default settings you’re guaranteed profitable results even with a lower win rate. If Consistent profits matter in your trading.. Then go for this software without a shadow of doubt.. and start getting the forex profits you deserve => Get it Here Let me know if you need anything Best, NAME
SUBJECT: I Made USD 2,127.78 in One Trade Using this Forex Software
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SUBJECT: My New Favorite Forex System (it’ll be your favorite too)
Hey [[name]], Here is what I look for in a Successful trading system that will remain profitbale for long:
  1. Good Money Management Rules
  2. Good Risk Management Rules
  3. Good Entry Rules
  4. Good Exit Rules
  5. Good Support from Developer/ Vendor
Well there is one system that fits this description and I have tested it and its working as advertised. See for yourself.. => TAP HERE to Download Best, NAME
SUBJECT: “I wish I knew About This Forex Software When I started Trading..
Hey [[name]], If I was to start trading forex all over again..This is the only software I would plugin on my meta trader => Download PipSpring Software Suite The one thing I admire about this software is the EXIT rules which have proven to be very profitable even with a lower win rate:
  1. Take Profit – the take profit is set by Average True Range Indicator with a Trailing function
  2. Reverse Signal – The exit will occur when there is a reverse signal generated
  3. 24hr rule – If trade cant hit TakeProfit within 24 hours, it will close order if balance will be positive, If not it will wait for a reverse signal
=> Get the software here.. while you still can.. Any Senior trader will confirm that a system with such exit rules is a dream system that will make even a new seem like a Pro trader.. Don’t wait for long.. the download page will be taken down soon Best, Mike N.
SUBJECT: Can I send you a Forex Trend system that works?
Hey [[NAME]], With your permission I would like to introduce to you a forex trend system that spews out pips like clokwork on all major currency pairs.. Even better, this software trades gold resulting in a serial wins of the big money.. If this interests you.. then you might want to download a copy of the most sought after forex system in the industry: => Download PipSpring My Best, NAME
SUBJECT: Simple trick to win Big in the Forex Markets!
Dear [[name]], Ever wondered how some traders (small minority) seem to be making huge trading profits month to month.. The truth is: they are not super traders, they are ordinary traders who have tested enough to know what works and their success hence comes from repetition.. If you have an average system that adds 20 pips a day to your basket.. that’s about 500 pips a month. What if I showed you a way to make $10 per pip..huh! that’s an additional 5K per month.. right? That’s what I’ve been doing.. Trading XAUUSD a.k.a Gold using one phenomenal software.. => Click Here to Download Best, NAME
SUBJECT: Market Forecast Doen’t Work Anymore (Why?)
Market forecasts are based on what will happen to a pair when certain events take place.. The problem is, currency pairs are not markets.. for example the EURUSD is just a comparison of two markets.. the Euro versus the US dollar The good news is.. Gold is a market in its own right.. and as such is very easy to forecast.. and thats what I’ve been trading using PipSpring Software.. => Download PipSpring Software – TAP HERE This software is only being made available to a select few.. visit the link above to see if you qualify Best, Mike N.
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